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BhuvanaYoga Instructor
‘ShivaYoga signature classes are paced moderately to vigorously depending upon the level. As a beginner, you start with the basics and gradually build up to more advanced levels as your practice grows. Our Yoga is practical and geared to address issues like neck pain due to excessive usage of laptops and desktops, back pain due to wrong sitting posture, stress relieving by breathing exercises.’

What our pupils say...

I have been attending prenatal yoga sessions from past 5 months from Shiva yoga center. To be precise, if you are looking for the best personalised prenatal yoga center then you can blindly join here.. Our Guru Dr. Bhuvana Ma’am provides online yoga sessions in such a way that u can get the face to face yoga learning experience.. day by day my yoga posture gets perfect through her way of teaching.. her inspiring talks motivates every one.. I feel energetic for the entire day and able to do all my activities better after doing yoga.. pregnancy tiredness is manageable after doing yoga,I had severe leg and back pain during 2nd trimester ,day by day it just got better with the exercises she taught ,cant thank her enough for making my pregnancy period so easy and I feel very positive towards pregnancy.. glad that I have taken the right decision by God’s grace to join the shiva yoga center for prenatal yoga… Excellent trainer , takes personal care of each individual and motivates a lot.Looking forward to join postpartum classes too …… Ankitha Daga
I am so happy to be part of SYC. Yoga has helped me build strength and flexibility. The benifits are not only physical, but also mental.. I look forward to Bhuvana mam’s meditation class every week which has helped me improve my concentration and mental peace and stillness. Highly recommend for anyone trying to start your yoga journey….. Charu S Krishnan
Joined this centre just few months back and have not even regretted even once for that The best yoga centre I could have ever joined with the best gurus and best co mates … the effort our guru takes is very huge to be measured .. best part of that is having a meditation class every week .. cleansing both mind and body . They also plan for beach yoga , partner classes and lot more .. forever happy to be a part of it….. Manasvini KG
It has been two months since I joined Shiva Yoga and hands down, it was one of the best decisions I have ever taken. The instructor Dr. Bhuvana Ananth is an Ayurveda doctor as well and her approach to Yoga goes beyond the class, incorporating changes in your lifestyle that aids you in the long run. Yoga is for life and I’m really glad I chose Shiva Yoga to learn it from!   Vandana NE
Great to see SYC continuing to always leap forward irrespective of the situation faced. Mam- all your efforts to motivate n keep the group pepped up. Once again, we all made it by celebrating IYD with 54 sets of SN. Proud to be part of this awesome group, that too, beating our own standards, this time, all thru online. Well done!….. Gururaj
My experience of learning Online yoga under the able guidance of Bhuvana Mam has been a class apart. The customized way in which mam teaches for those with various ailments is something I have rarely seen elsewhere. The Yoga sessions have helped me manage the Migraine attacks of many decades and in weight reduction. Starting the day with a Surya Namaskar session keeps me brisk and energetic the whole day. The Meditation sessions are super rejuvenating. Sincere thanks to all the teachers at the center. … Ganga Sridhar
I wanted to join yoga mainly to improve my immunity and keep myself fit both mentally and physically. I cannot thank my friend enough for referring me to this center. I have really understood my body very well and how to take good care of it. Our guru apart from yoga takes weekly meditations and all the more emphasises on anatomy of the body so that we understand and do each of the asanas better. She helps us when we face any difficulties and gives us a lot of tips for living a healthy lifestyle….. Annapoorani Krishnan
To start with you will never regret choosing Shiva Yoga center. Guruji Bhuvana helps the students to not only learn yoga but to build self confidence too. she encourages to take care of both our physical and mental health and leads the way to this……Kavya Devarajulu
Even though I’ve been a part of Shiva yoga for a year now , this was my first IYD and never did I ever think doing 54 surya namaskars would be possible , considering I swim in my sweat after the 10th surya namaskar. From there , to completing this today is a milestone , personally. But making the whole process feel like a breeze is possible only by you ma’am. So effortlessly full of love and only positivity , I can only say , I’m extremely blessed to be a part of this beautiful yoga family. With you cheering us and leading us forward , I’m sure all of us will continue to push ourselves and do so , happily. This is a very special IYD for me , for all of us , if I may. There’s no extent to which I can thank you for all the course corrections you’ve done for all of us in our lives. Only gratitude.❤️ Happy International Day! ❤️……. Harini Parthasarathi
I have been going to SYC since last couple of weeks. Dr.Bhuvana mam is absolutely brilliant. She helps you out in moving away from your comfort zone and get the max benefit out of whatever you practice. She doesnt give up on anyone until she feels what we are doing is right. Her energy and positivity is highly infectious. I would def recommend shiva yoga center for all who wish to take this up…….

Nithin Rao

Shiva yoga centre is the right place to find stable calmness during chaotic times. I found my sane after postpartum in this amazing place. Bhuvana mam’s guidance has brought in so much of change both physically and mentally. Her knowledge both in Yoga and Ayurveda definitely helps us come out of ailments too. Anyone looking for a serene atmosphere and a knowledgeable Guru then just head to Shiva Yoga Centre. The trainers are so approachable, patient and extremely comfortable. Best place for pre-natal yoga too. Last and best tip… Never miss Bhuvana mam’s meditation class………..Sharanya Maithreyan
I started my yoga journey at Shiva Yoga Center few months back, under the guidance of Guru.Bhuvana mam, with almost 2 years of working from home since the pandemic, yoga came as a refreshing change to my lifestyle and gave me the energy to sail through the day energetically. With the emphasize here being given not only for physical health, every friday meditation classes are an absolute treat to our mind, this refreshes us and relaxes working people like me to not to get exhausted during the weekend and bounce back energetically to work every monday! Bhuvana Mam is a store house of knowledge and positivity, very kind and approachable. She guides each of us and I can always get in touch with her when I am in need of any kind of guidance. It is not everywhere that you get to see someone working selflessly to provide nothing but the best to their students! Thank you mam! Apurva Kumar
It has been four months since I joined Shiva yoga.I am 49 yrs old and Madam’s encouragement and coaching has made me do Yoga at ease.My BP has also stabilized.Weekly meditation classes have made me a calm and positive person.

Priya Panchapakesan

have been a part of Shiva Yoga Centre for the past 4&1/2 years. Our Guru Dr. Bhuvana Ananth, is a person who not only passionately teaches Yoga but also guides us through our weaknesses. She understands our strengths and health conditions and motivates us to do advanced asanas accordingly. She is also an Ayurvedic doctor who helps us deal and treat both external and internal issues of our body. Yoga is a wonder that everyone should do and Shiva Yoga Centre is one of the best for that….Jayashree Vasudevan
Amidst this lockdown this was the best thing that happened to us. How best can a leader motivate her team to bring out the best… Without you it wouldnt have been possible.. This is my 3rd IYD and i cud accomplish this hat-trick only because of you??‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️…. Selvi Mohan
t’s been a month since I joined SYC. Good experience, motivates me every single day to continue in the long run. Yoga instructor Bhuvana mam is so courteous, cordial and friendly in nature. She not only teaches yoga but by being an Ayurveda doctor she treats our illness ,if any , too. SYC so open to all Age groups, reliable and safe. So I highly recommend to join and get benefitted.

Sridevi Venkatnarayanan
It’s been 3 years since I joined Shiva Yoga Centre. These 3 years with Shiva Yoga Center and Our Guru Dr. Bhuvana Ananth Ma’am have changed my lifestyle. Previously, I had many health issues. Within a very short time all my health issues vanished and that’s all because of our guru. She takes pains and efforts for the physical and mental well-being of her students. She takes care of each and everyone in such a way that everyone’s pains and aches are completely cured. If you are searching for a yoga center to see a better version of yourself I would suggest you to join here…. Shreya Krithivasan
“Shiva” The name itself refers a yogi personality .. It’s also called as SYC ( Shiva yoga centre ) .. It’s a beautiful place to start our day with the best motivating guru Mrs.Bhuvaneshwary mam . I have joined lot of yoga institutes before I step in to this institutes and I have been here since last one month .. Based on me , It’s a tremendous place to explore our inner thoughts through meditation which is given by Bhuwana mam. She gives lot of care and individual attention to all of her students and shaping them to come out from their comfort zone .. Really , she is a best and inspirational teacher for me and also for every one . Especially her way of teaching advanced asanas is very awesome.. I wish her all the very best owe for her entire life .. Thank you very much mam .. Thanks a lot …..Sathya Moorthy
Just been a month..I could find the difference in me…importance of breath and meditation is the key and we are seeing the positive impact within. thank you madam for the nishkamya karma and care that you show to each one of us….Vatsavi Sridhar
I have joined Shiva Yoga center recently. I must say tat I feel much of differences , my body muscles getting toned , flexibility and concentration has improved much.. Our trainer takes special care on everybody and teaches well to the core. The way she teaches asanas and meditation is really good. I feel happy tat I have joined here …..Revthy Ram
Joined Shiva yoga centre recently and I feel that I have made a good decision to be part of this centre. Tutor is very experienced and so caring about each and every individuals. Have taught some really great techniques to keep our body flexible and mind relaxed. Would recommend this centre to all my friends and want them to be benefited as well. Vinod C
Bhuvana Ma’am is an excellent instructor and an inspiration to many . The SYC experience that you can gain is truly life changing. Classes are conducted with great care. Guru is very approachable, she is an Ayurvedic doctor who takes her time out to help her students overcome health issues as well. She is an extremely motivated person thereby transferring her energy and positivity to her students through yoga. Classes are conducted both online and offline through multiple batches. I would definitely recommend SYC to anyone. Swarnalatha Palaniappan

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