Why we believe Yoga here!

What we believe...

Yoga is becoming popular in all parts of the world.
for the restless mind it gives solace,
for the sick it’s a boon, for the common man it is the fashion of the day to keep himself for and beautiful, some use it for developing memory, creativity and intelligence

Yoga has proved itself most effective in saving man from the fatal hands of contagious and infectious diseases, it has replaced modern medicine in different parts of the globe.

At Shiva Yoga promotion of positive health is being nurtured and yoga therapy is playing a vital role in this aspect in the new millennium.

Shiva yoga aims at a holistic approach for treating illness!
Our classes include

  • Asanas (Dynamic and Static)
  • Pranayamas (conventional )
  • Kriyas (cleansing techniques)
  • Meditation (Dharana and Dhyana)
  • Happiness Analysis (lectures yogic counselling)
  • Karma yoga techniques

We offer transcend to total health at five levels:- physical, mental, emotional, intellectual to develop a harmonious living.